Taking care of a 4-legged friend is a pleasure, but also an important responsibility!

Every day we are committed to selecting the best products to meet the different needs of our furry friends.

Here are some of the many solutions we recommend for feeding, hygiene and moments of leisure for our 4-legged friends.


For daily feeding we rely on the quality of OASY and MONGE products tested over the years, and widely endorsed by our Zola itenditrice. Good, tasty, but above all attentive to the real needs of our puppies:

Oasy, Acana, Trixie,
Monge, Purina

Alongside a healthy and varied daily diet, we place great importance in selecting specific products, which are necessary for the proper nutrition of our 4-legged friends in particular nutritional requirements.

Monge,Purina  (specific feeding products)


As for us, even for our animals, good health starts with proper hygiene at different times of the day. Whether you are at the park or at home, we offer a variety of solutions suitable for different hygienic needs:



The section where you can mostly indulge yourself with your 4-legged friends is certainly that of games and entertainment. Thanks to our wild mascot, Zola, we have identified a careful selection of tools and games that most enjoy and educate our puppies, helping them grow strong, happy and disciplined.



The least favorite moment of our furry friends is often the cure, but if you can turn it into a pampering occasion, it will become a real treat for you and for them! That’s why we have identified a precise selection of products and tools that will facilitate you in this delicate task.



Our world is not only made of 4 legs! We also have a wide selection of feed and specific products for birds, rodents, fish and turtles.

Come and see us and you’ll see!